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For the Love of Pinot Wine Tasting

Wednesday Oct 16 2019

6:30 p.m.


For the Love of Pinot Wine Tasting - 10/16

Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile, complex grapes known to man. Its wines are some of the most complex, nuanced, celebrated, collected, and in some cases expensive on the market. Pinot Noir can be brilliant in Sparkling Wines (it's a huge part of most Champagne), Rosés, obviously Reds, and even a small amount of Pinot Noir Blanc! Its style can completely change with just the smallest differences in terroir or vintage, making it one of the most beloved varietals to wine geeks across the planet. This tasting will showcase not only the different kinds of Pinot Noir on the market, but also how different regions can make radically different styles of the same grape. This will be a great chance to enjoy some brilliant Pinot Noir, but also some fun Pinot-based wines like that aforementioned Pinot Noir Blanc. If you love Pinot don't miss For the Love of Pinot!

We'll Taste:

  • Lucien Albrecht Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir (alsace)
  • Anne Amie Prismé Pinot Noir Blanc (oregon)
  • Maison Champy Bourgogne Rouge (burgundy)
  • Domaine Specht Pinot Noir (alsace)
  • Hartford Court Russian River Pinot Noir (california)
  • Cooper Mountain Pinot Noir (oregon)


Only $25 for the wine, and you can order food a la carte from our dinner menu
*a 20% gratuity will be added to your bill

We recommend ordering a Full Dinner or appetizers from our Dinner menu during the tasting to fully appreciate the food/wine connection (and to help soak up some of that wine!)

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